ANOTHER Casting Company is owned, and run, by the three Casting Directors Stine Brüel, Saskia Fahlsten og Tanja Grunwald.

Assistance by (among others) external casting director and actress Julie Wieth . ANOTHER cc´s website and internal archive works as a tool and source of inspiration for our still Photographers, Directors, Production Companies and Advertising Agencies. That way the dialogue regarding the cast is more precise and to the point.

The archive is one thing, but we still emphasize that the role as casting director, also includes looking for the right people in the street or in relevant environments for the individual job. For the specific purpose of street castings we have had a special app developed, that makes it possible for our Casting Directors to scout in the street and via our iPhones or iPads within a minute to load up the pictures and info directly to our site in the Street Casting File.  

That way our clients get the “hands on” feeling of the development on our site, and for the specific job.

ANOTHER cc is not a model agency, - we are casting directors who solve all kinds of work challenges, with individual angles and approaches, depending on the job´s type and size. (We emphasize that we are not responsible for talents - neither legally nor in any other matter. We only provide contact between customer and client, and all practical matters has to happen between these two parties).

For our actors/models:
Disclaimer: As we need for our site to develop, plus the fact that we can only have a certain amount of people on our site, we reserve the right to deactivate profiles or reactivate them, depending on what we find optimal at the present time. If you have uploaded additional pictures or a short show reel, it is your responsibility to clear the rights for us to show this, on our site.

Saskia Fahlsten 

Tanja Grunwald 

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